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Tabby with the dogs that started our line, Coco & Liza

Micons Labradors

About Us...

Breeding Quality Labradors Since 1979

Connie brought home her first Labrador named Coco in 1979. Since then, her and Mike have accomplished multiple show championship titles as well as Master Hunter titles. 

Connie started with breeding chocolates and eventually fell in love with the light yellows. She bred until she got an almost perfect white in color with slight shading to the ears, which is what we eventually became known for. While we still do the standard colors- black, yellow, chocolate, Connie has expanded the breeding program to have whites, dark chocolates and fox reds. 

Connie Muellerleile & Tabby Whitaker       209.727.0315        micons@aol.com



Our son, Tanner helping to feed the baby pups

Soundness is important to us which is why we work hard to breed out any potential health risks from our program. All of our dogs have Hip & Elbow Certifications with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, as well as Eye Health Certifications Annually. We GUARANTEE ALL of our puppies sold to pass hips, elbows, eyes and to be clear on EIC (Excercise Induced Collapse) and PRA (Progessive Retinal Atrophy) by 25 months of ages or it will be replaced with another puppy of quality of the same sex and color, without asking for the return of the original pup.


Best of Breed Winner, AKC Pointed



Cale gently playing with pup.

Both our boys help with puppy socialization at a young age. It's great for puppies and kids!

Connie continues to manage puppy care and the public relations while their granddaughter- Tabby, manages the kennel, breedings and basic training. Tabby's husband- Mikey, helps with the field and puppy training as well. Even the kids, Tanner & Cale, help with puppy socialization and training! They plan to continue the Micons lines for years to come. 


You ever wonder why the Labrador Retriever has been America's #1 Breed for over 25 years?  Well, let us tell you...

Labradors are loyal to a fault, trusting and make an excellent family dog. Their intelligence allows them to be trained easily, which is why you see so many as service, drug sniffers and search and rescue dogs. They're also very athletic and have webbed paws to help them swim better, hence the reason why the Labrador is one of the best hunting breeds for waterfowl. Not to mention a pretty weather resistant coat! They do tend to have an upbeat personality and can go from working to being a good family dog instantly. Here at Micons, we breed to maintain this temperament and we strive to have a Labrador that can look like show dog, still hunt for the average hunter and be a family dog.